How to attract freelance work

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How to attract freelance work

How work has changed and freelancing became a trend.
“In October last year, Forbes reported an 8.1% increase in those who’d undertaken freelancer work in the US, in just 3 years, which took the total number to 57.3 million. If that trend continues, it would mean more than 50% of the US workforce would be freelancing by 2027.”
The above statement shows how the work environment globally is shifting, full-time jobs are receding and freelancer numbers are on the rise. This was in 2018 before the pandemic, which further expedited the shift towards freelancing.
With the spread of Coronavirus and continuous lockdowns, it is becoming hard for companies to afford full-timers. To cover this, they’re on the go to hiring freelancers.
While this may seem scary, like anything new, due to the absence of a fixed salary and the illusion it gives of financial stability. Freelancing, if done right, can open up the gates of financial freedom and break the shackles of full-time jobs.
In the rest of this article, we’ll give you some indicators on how to leverage the freelancing gig.
How to attract more work?
Freelancing is different from being a full-time employee, and in order to succeed in freelancing, you have to follow the following guidelines:
Have a good CV and an introductory email
Your CV is storefront so you should give it extra attention, making it concise and to the point, and please avoid clichés. We suggest having your CV tailored based on the job you’re hunting.
Most people think that the job is done and miss one crucial point, which is the introductory email, which is a great way to leave an impactful first impression. A well-written introductory email increases your chances of winning the job.
Build new connections and maintain the old ones
As a freelancer, you are defined by your reputation and connections, keeping good relations with project managers and taking the relationship to a personal level will help make you their number-one choice for new opportunities.
Another piece of advice is never underestimate any clients and DO NOT neglect small jobs, because they may turn into your main source of income.
Keep improving yourself


Let’s face it. The market nowadays is ruled by the law of the jungle; you have to be the best and keep improving yourself in order to keep your business running and expand it.
All fields are changing rapidly so you have to keep learning in order to keep yourself on top of your game.
Keep your promises
Project managers keep in mind which freelancers delivered high quality and respected the deadline and tend to make them their favorites.
Some recommendations to keep in mind to have a quality behavior are: respect your deadlines no matter what, try to be as responsive as possible even for small jobs, abide by the instructions provided by the client.
Positive sides of freelancing
Unlimited income
Flexible hours
You’re your own boss
Work anytime anywhere


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