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 Legal Translation Services

Daqeeq offers the best legal translation services and attestation in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other targeted markets.

Legal translation is the most sensitive type of translation due to the fact that so much is at stake if accuracy and clarity are not guaranteed. Clients would not accept anything than perfect to make sure that the rendition of the original text, whether English or Arabic or Arabic is flawless, consistent, unambiguous, precise and credible.

English is the language of international business, and since authorities in GCC countries require that original tender documents and contracts to be in Arabic, then, Arabic to English translation in Dubai and other emirates, in addition to Riyadh, Kuwait, and the other GCC countries are also required when deals are struck with international partners.

Therefore, Daqeeq, which is an Arabic to English translation agency - Dubai, serving clients 24/7 with full dedication and professionalism, is always the right answer to ensure smooth flow of business in the targeted areas, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & other emirates, and in addition to Riyadh, Kuwait, Manama, Muscat and others. To clients' convenience, Daqeeq Arabic to English translation and attestation online service is instant, accurate and reliable and is available round the clock, a challenge that only professional, well-rounded and talented translators, like Daqeeq translation team Dubai can handle.

Whenever you are and whatever your translation needs are, we offer you translations that meet your needs. Do you need Arabic to English translation services in Dubai? in Sharjah?? Jeddah??? or in Kuwait???? No matter where you are!! Our Arabic to English online translation services is fast, cost effective, competitive and simply perfect. You don’t even need to leave your place to get attested Arabic to English translation. With extensive technical resources and facilities, our services are available across other Middle East countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and many more.

Why choose Daqeeq legal translation agency?

24’7 live & instant

Our main goal is to provide you the translation, proofreading & attestation services that you need and make it available for you 24’7 live, instant & a click away.

Immediate Results

We know you're working within a deadline; that’s why we provide instant and live services. Submit your urgent work and we'll tell you the exact time required to deliver, so you know exactly when your legal document translations will be ready.

Your data security is our priority

We care most that you know exactly what happens to your data and that we always handle and save it appropriately.

High-quality Linguistic Services

Our team of translation experts will rapidly translate your texts while ensuring the highest level of language accuracy and consistency.

Zero ambiguity in legal translation, all other types

Legal texts do not tolerate inaccurate or ambiguous translation, so we ensure clients Zero ambiguity in legal translation and all types of translated texts.

Best Value for Money

Daqeeq has no hidden charges. Working with Daqeeq will assure you that you will be doubling the work pace and reducing the cost per year unlike working with other translation agencies in Dubai or anywhere else.

Latest technology

We employ the latest advancements in translation technology to ensure you receive the most efficient, accurate and consistent legal translation experience, every time.

Cloud Database

Saving all your valuable data to access them anytime and anywhere, as we maintain them in our strong UAE-based cloud Etisalat web server.

Save trees, save the planet, use the QR code

In Daqeeq, we believe in keeping things simple and the planet safe, so we offer you the QR code to scan it from anytime and anywhere to finish your work on the spot.

What legal documents we translate at Daqeeq

In Daqeeq, we believe in keeping things simple and the planet safe, so we offer you the QR code to scan it from anytime and anywhere to finish your work on the spot.

  • Personal status documents, including certificates of birth, marriage contracts, bachelorhood certificate, inheritance…etc.
  • Tender documentation, bids, offers, quotations, progress reports
  • Court proceedings, affidavits, motions, petitions… etc.
  • Powers of attorney
  • Patent filing
  • Business contracts and all documents related to business deals and transactions, balance sheets, end-of-year reports, auditing documents
  • Deeds of ownership and all documents related to real estate
  • Lease contracts
  • Insurance contracts and related documents
  • Bills, invoices, promissory bills, bills of exchange, checks…etc.
  • Banking and loans contracts, letters of credit, financial statements
  • All other types of legal documents