COVID-19, a bless in disguise for the business world.

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COVID-19, a bless in disguise for the business world


DAQEEQ (Dubai) –– Not long time ago, people were able to go to their work, fly and communicate easily and without any restrictions. Today, after the coronavirus pandemic crisis hit the world, measures of lockdowns, quarantine and social distancing have been implemented and many sectors were affected, including businesses. During the virus outbreak, companies resorted to new working approaches under the novel crisis to strengthen their business, enhance the working experience for their employees, ensure continuity and avoid risks. As a result, some positive things can be detected from this pandemic on businesses operation and achievement, let us take a look at the positive side of COVID-19 in this article.
Shifting towards a new method, work-from-home
When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, most companies opted out towards running the work-from-home experience. Unexpectedly, the shift had some benefits as working remotely can boost greater productivity rate, increase efficiency, allows for a quieter work environment and enhances the focus as shown by a study recently. It contributes as well to the maintaining of the workers healthy life balance and eliminating their stress.

Identifying goals and priorities in more organized manner:

It could be said that the pandemic that befell over the humanity has given businesses and employees the opportunity to be more liberated and the capacity to allocate time more wisely and carefully.
When you maintain a regular time schedule while functioning on your tasks, especially when you are working from home. As working remotely may grants the employee a sense of control on how to be more productive and to reduce your workplace stress, all that by creating your own special work spot in your home. This would enable you to be more organized, balanced and reconnected with everyone around you.
Furthermore, job satisfaction has increased significantly for remote workers, according to study in 2005. In addition, an unseen benefit of the pandemic is that it fairly contributes to a cleaner environment, as working remotely can reduce greenhouse gases from vehicle travel by more than 51 million metric tons a year, According to estimates from Global Workplace Analytics. Recent data released by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency) indicates that pollution in some of the epicenters of COVID-19 such as Wuhan, Italy, Spain and USA etc. has reduced up to 30%.

Building technology for the business to succeed

COVID-19 has presented the urgent need for businesses and companies to apply advanced technology, digitization and Artificial Intelligence, due to the failure to be directly interactive with employees, customers and humans. This resulted in a quantum leap in changing the customer interaction into online mostly, AI and data security investment has soared up responding to these drastic changes by investing and spending more on the digital technologies during the pandemic crisis to facilitate communication, grow revenues and reach the business overall success.
This acceleration in digitization would assist organizations in redesigning their digital strategies to capture new marketplace opportunities and digital customer segments.
Hence, adopting cutting-edge technological techniques in business strategies proved as an efficient tool as well as a value added to create the business success.
All in all, the majority of businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, with varying degrees of severity. Some have stronger defenses, while others will struggle to return to a constantly shifting “normal.”
Consumer demand patterns are shifting, global supply chains are disrupted and remain under pressure, and different regions, markets and governments are responding uniquely to the COVID-19 crisis. However, Companies have relentlessly tried to adapt to new market conditions and to establish long-term strategies for greater resilience in order to stay up-to-date and move to a higher level of success.


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