Importance of Patent Translation

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Importance of Patent Translation


What is patent translation?

Patent translation is the translation of patent documents, technical documents that protect the rights of inventors, designers and authors so that no other parties can make profit from their inventions. Patents are created to recognize the industrial or intellectual property of inventors; however, they are characterized by complexity which requires a highly skilled and competent translators who have deep understanding of legal and technical terminology to carry out the patent translation process successfully.

Jurisdiction and patent translation

Since patent systems differ from one jurisdiction to another, if you want to protect your exclusive rights in a certain jurisdiction, you will have to translate the original patent into the language of the jurisdiction where your patented product will be marketed. Sometimes, depending on the source language of your patent, you may need to translate it into more than one language to expand the global outreach of your patented product.

Importance of patent translation

Intellectual property and industrial property rights are crucial in the companies’ development and expansion process within a global economy; therefore, it is necessary to obtain patents to protect such rights in the relevant jurisdiction. Naturally, the language of the patent should correspond to the targeted jurisdiction language and have a clear style, which is why patent translation services are essential to achieve optimum protection of such rights in different countries.

Challenges of patent translation

Patent documents are different from any other documents; that’s why they require clear and accurate language. Patent translators have to be native speakers of the target language and well versed in subject matter and technical terminology of the invention which documents are to be translated. For example, it is important when dealing with a patent about a chemical or technological product to convey the exact description of such product in the original text and to keep it as much literal. Only highly skilled patent translators can produce a precise and error-free patent translation.

Consequences of low-quality patent translation

Errors in patent translation may limit the scope of a patent and may lead to disastrous consequences. These errors may include inaccurate information, idea theft, inability to receive patented rights, delays, legal issues, increased costs and financial loss. Unfortunately, a patent may be granted different levels of protection according to each country, not because of difference in applicable granting criteria, but due to flaws and errors in the translated documents, which may even render the patent applicant ineligible to receive the patented rights in a potential market. To save time and worry less about mistakes or ineligibility to receive the patent, it is best to hire a professional translation agency.


Since translation is more of an art than just a science, it is likely that two professional translators end up translating the same document differently. Therefore, using a professional translation agency gives you the advantage of guaranteed consistent, reliable and accurate patent translation.
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