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Category: News                   Written by: Daqeeq          Date: 27 Jan 2021

Daqeeq says….

Who’s Daqeeq and what it can offer you

To let you, our dear readers, know more about us, we are interviewing our friend Daqeeq. We have prepared a list of questions that we’re hoping will give you more insight into Daqeeq.
What is Daqeeq and what makes it unique?
I’m a leading translations company born in Dubai, UAE. I operate through an online platform providing fully digitized services where you get flawless human translation by my top linguists with the help of AI. I specialize in the language pair Arabic <> English, and my translators are native speakers of these languages. My cutting edge platform and working process ensures me fast turnaround time with high quality. Daqeeq’s customers get to enjoy complete translation services online, through the website, and to do everything from online order placement, requesting a quotation, tracking progress, rating our services and payment.
Inspired by the digitization of all industries from retail through to healthcare, and on top of them the e-commerce industry, which has made shopping much easier at the click of a button, we work to bring the same ease of use and purchase to translation, proofreading, and editing service. Daqeeq aims to meet translation services demands in the UAE and GCC, and the Arab world in general, which are driven by government, technology, telecommunications and industrial and manufacturing sectors.
What makes Daqeeq unique is that I’m completely a client-centered company that strives to continuously offer the best service possible to my clients and partners in the various domains of translation. I help in translating, proofreading and editing files regardless of their size or field. Our pool of translators is well versed in many domains like: legal, financial, e-commerce, e- learning, localization, subtitling, etc…
What are Daqeeq’s capabilities?
I offer capabilities that are unmatched in the translation industry. In addition to regular services translation, like translation, proofreading and editing, Daqeeq delivers a whole new level of customer service that outdoes other competitors. When we were building Daqeeq, we studied the market and looked for what customer needs and translation companies lack and we built a set of capabilities to guarantee customers satisfaction and be part of their success.
On the top of the above, we provide our services 24/7 with teams in place to cater to your needs around the clock, we put QR code on every output document to make it easy for you to access your files anytime anywhere, while your files are secure with us since the reliability and authenticity of our data cannot be challenged, let alone the superiority of our attestation services for legal documents.
How do you do it in Daqeeq?
Our Translation Management System (TMS), will enable users to have greater ability to automate their workflow, thereby improving efficiency and consistency. Overall, it means a greater level of service for our customer base. Besides the online ordering platform, Daqeeq continues to work on developing various technologies from translation memories (TM), which aid translators to become more productive and make fewer errors, and cloud-based translation management systems.
Our process in Daqeeq is there to ensure the highest quality; here’s a walk through:
  • Receiving order:
We receive orders through our online portal where you can copy and paste your simple text or upload your Word and PDF documents. If you have a more complex request, we’re online on the chat and ready to help.
  • Studying your order
Once you submit your order, one of our professors will receive a notification of a job and will handle it almost immediately. The assessment takes into account the following:
  • The size of the project
  • The service requested
  • Set deadline
  • Quotation
After the aforementioned steps are complete, the team of professors led by a project manager will start working on your file and that includes:
Then, you receive your translated file in the format you ask for, and we’re happy to hear from you any feedback and we’ll adapt to your requests.
  • Project delivery
After applying the changes you asked for, you’ll receive the project on time or earlier!
How to use Daqeeq?
Daqeeq platform has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Once you are successfully Signed Up for the website, you only have to follow these 3 steps:

It was a pleasure to have arranged for you this interview with Daqeeq for further insight.
Dear readers, if you still have any further questions, you can contact him through and check his website to start enjoying the services offered.
For the interview in Arabic click here.

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