Translation specialties most demanded in today’s market

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Translation specialties most demanded

in today’s market

Translation is a vast world. As a fresh graduate or just a person with skills that make you a good translator, you might need to think of specializing in a couple of fields rather than be spread thin across every topic.
And you have the right to think money. Depending on market trends, it is advisable that you go in search for the highest-paid, most wanted specialization.
There are reasons why a translation experience in one field brings you more jobs than another. For example, in many Arab countries, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, among others, official tenders and all related documents must, by law, be rendered in Arabic. That what makes legal translation a lucrative business in this part of the world and in other countries as well.
Financial and business translation, including the localization of advertising campaigns, also involves a demand that never comes to an end. There are rules to follow, but the most important one is that you need to be conscious of both cultures so as not to make a mistake that would harm the publicized brand.
The world of book translation is more active in western countries, because reading is still a social habit there, and people in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany and others want to know more about the cultures of other nations.
Best sellers are translated from and into dozens of international languages and read by dozens of millions, including in the Arab world, but the trend of reading is more obvious in advanced, wealthy countries, like Japan, for example, which “has long been known as a nation of avid readers, and books of all kinds—from manga to novels, self-help, and kids-oriented books—are a part of daily life,” according to
Technology is another sector that hires translators all the time to localize its literature. Technical translation, especially in the IT field and related hi-tech, is very popular, thanks to the fast-paced advancements it witnesses. English is the main source language, of course, because many of the inventions are grown in English-speaking countries, and because other sources of these technologies deliberately use English due to its popularity in the world.
For translators, you need to be aware of the terminology in the field, and keep up with translations that have become standard. In case a new term appears, you need to exhaust research to see if others have agreed on an equivalent. A good technique is to resort to translator forums and drop the question there because two heads are better than one.
For consumers, look for a service provider with the right expertise and the most impressive track record. offers translation, localization and interpretation professional services that you can trust.
Medical translation is a very sensitive and vital service because it is about people’s lives and safety.   Whether it is a patient card, a drug leaflet, or medical equipment instructions, translators should be very well ware of the terminology and the concepts, because nothing less than perfect is acceptable in this kind of translation.

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