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Apps Translation Services

Let us introduce your app to new markets by our
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Apps Translation Services

Apps Translation Services

Apps translation is a must it is no more an option since it improves the popularity of your app on both Google Play Store and Apple Store, doubling your revenues and make sure that your app reaches the right audience.

 Just like the case of E-commerce and the tendency of people to buy stuff of the Internet in their own language the tendency appears in downloading and using translated apps.

In Daqeeq, we will make sure that your users get the best out of your app by making it look, sound, feel and perform the way that they expect in their language and their style. Meaning more downloads, popularity, and ultimately more revenues.


Our App translation services

We have a solid process for translating your app:

  • We don’t dive in and start translation right away, rather we like to start things correctly by understanding what your app does and how people expect it to perform.
  • Since we work with the language pair Arabic <> English, simultaneously with our translation and localization efforts  we’ll work on re-designing your app to fit the new language.
  • Some content we’ll have to re crate to fit the culture of the new audience.
  • We’ll test the app after being translated and eliminate any kind of errors or unwanted content.

Our process will guarantee that you’ll choose us for all your translation needs.

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