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Conference Interpretation Services

With Daqeeq Linguistics Services, We Make the World Without Borders
for You and Your Business Conference Interpretation Services

Conference Interpretation Services

Our international conference interpreters hold AIIC membership and have extensive experience at delivering conference interpreting at the highest internal level. They are experienced in handling all types of events and have the know how to handle any situation to make sure that your event goes smoothly and as planned.

Daqeeq’s wide range of experience, high-level conference interpreters, top notch simultaneous interpreting equipment makes Daqeeq a leading provider of simultaneous interpreting services for conferences and business meetings in all industries and sectors.

Daqeeq also offers video conference interpreting (also known as video remote interpreting) services to its clients via a range of video conferencing software, delivered by highly qualified professional interpreters, backed by a highly professional and capable support team.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting:

Daqeeq provides seamless language solutions for your online meetings, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) makes meeting among people living in different countries and speaking different languages possible and easy — reducing costs and providing effective, multilingual meeting solutions that could lead to growth and take your business to the next level.

Daqeeq offers access to a range of RSI platforms which can integrate with your own meeting platform or allow you to host the meeting directly, replicating the onsite simultaneous interpreting experience. Our specialized Conference Coordinators will listen to your specific requirements in order to propose the best solution for your online multilingual meeting or event. We offer access to RSI in a wide range of languages and now has proven experience in delivering RSI solutions for many online meetings for high profile clients and agencies.

Types of interpretation 

We provide both types of interpretation simultaneous and consecutive, our Conference Coordinators will help you choose the best type for your event.


Simultaneous interpretation is the delivery of real-time interpretation by listening to what the speaker is saying while translating it to another language. It’s a time and mind consuming task that’s why it is advisable to have 2 interpreters each working 20-30 mins then take a break to provide the highest quality.


The consecutive interpreter interprets speech after the speaker has either paused or finished speaking. Since consecutive interpretation is a more natural practice, usually consecutive interpreters work alone and don’t need a partner.

How our conference interpretation services work

1- Speak

Speaks naturally through his microphone

2- Interpret

Usually, 2 to cover an event. Listens to the speaker and interpret to the attendees

3- Hear

Listens to the translation in their preferred language through a headset

If you need an interpretation service, no matter what your need is we will provide it professionally.

Interpreter Services