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Online Interpretation Services

Premium, Multilingual Interpretation Services for All Your Online Events


Online Interpretation Services

Online Interpretation Services

Phone Interpretation

Our phone interpretation services are a handy solution since they may take place at any time and from any location, depending on the demands of your business.

Remote Video Interpretation

Daqeeq provides comprehensive video interpreting services employing cutting-edge technology to enable face-to-face video interpretation throughout the world.

How Do Our Online Interpretation Services Work?

1- Speak

A speaker only talks in one language. His or her voice and picture are broadcast to a remote translator in real-time, generally via a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

2- Interpret

On their device, an interpreter hears and sees the speaker. They translate the speaker's words into another language in real-time, using a high-quality headset and microphone

3- Transmit

The interpreter's speech is sent to a cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform (a strong internet connection is required), from whence it is broadcast to the audience.

4- Hear

Attendees and delegates can use a computer or mobile device to connect to our platform to see and hear the speaker in their chosen language.

Interpreter Services