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Online Interpretation Services

Premium, Multilingual Interpretation Services for All Your Online Events


Online Interpretation Services

Where else are you going to find such high-quality interpreting services offered online? At Daqeeq, we have interpreters who can perform translations between Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, and others.

We'll have interpreters ready and eager to help you, no matter which languages you need to have interpreted during your online events. That is the genius of internet interpreter services: the interpreters do not have to reside in your neighborhood. They might reside halfway around the world and yet offer you this vital service over the internet.

At Daqeeq, we also provide confidentiality agreements to our clients. If you employ an interpreting service that does not have confidentiality agreements, your personal information may be exposed to the wrong individuals.

Maintaining confidentiality is critical for many sorts of online chats. Our interpreters pledge to keep all talks private. We shall not share any of the information discussed with any other parties or individuals, as we also sign a confidentiality agreement before we provide our interpretation services to you.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a video zoom call or phone call, we will let you know what else makes you choose Daqeeq?

·         Multilingual, and multi-professional interpreters worldwide supporting you 24\7. You will be connected to industry-specific interpreters who meet your required qualifications.

·         It will take minutes to be connected with our online interpreters. When you call for phone interpretation, one of our professional interpreters will pick up your call at any hour.

·         Each interpreter is pre-selected, required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and validated to evaluate their language proficiency, qualifications, interpreting experience.

·         We are assisting many industries such in the medical, healthcare, legal, government, education, and business fields.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Our skilled over-the-phone interpreters bridge language gaps, allowing for effective multilingual interpreting services and improved client experiences.

You can rely on Daqeeq to provide the most comprehensive language list in the market. Our over-the-phone interpreters are fluent in the longest list of languages offered in the industry.

When you join with Daqeeq for over-the-phone interpretation, you will have a single dedicated agent who will personalize your call flow and account setup to your specific needs. We provide industry-leading confidentiality, compliance, and risk management processes, as well as a speedy and simple onboarding process.

Video Remote Interpretation Services

Video Remote Interpretation is an excellent option for virtual communication between your team and anybody else in a range of areas, including medical, mental health, government, legal, educational, and other settings.

Currently spoken languages include, but are not limited to, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian, with other languages available upon request.

Connect virtually with skilled, experienced, and professional video interpreters in seconds, whenever you need it, on any device, across any network.

Host your meetings and events online now with Daqeeq and create meaningful dialogues by allowing everyone to participate in the language they understand.

Interpreter Services