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What services are offered by Daqeeq?

Through Daqeeq website we will provide instant & live proofreading, translation and attestation services to our individual and corporate customers. The service providers or professors will be Arabic & English native speakers and experts in the bilingual.The website will cover following services:

  • Arabic to Arabic Proofreading Services;
  • English to Arabic Translation Services;
  • English to English Proofreading Services;
  • Arabic to English Translation Services;

Who will examine my text?

Your text will be examined by our prescreened native Arabic & English speakers, professional translators and proofreaders. Try it yourself for free to make sure our team is top-notch.

How long does it take?

In most cases our editor will start checking your text within one minute of submission. Short texts usually take up no more than 5 minutes to be corrected and translated.

Is there specific areas Daqeeq translate and proofread?

We offer editing work on a variety of texts ranging from text, email, correspondence, articles, legal, educational, real estate document, memorandums, blogs specializing in specific areas.

Who uses our editing and translating services?

Corporates, Students, Teachers, Bloggers, Businessmen — everyone who has written a piece and seeks for an expert eye to highlight some defects of their writing skills.

What about the privacy of my submitted data?

All data submitted to Daqeeq is protected under the laws and will not be shared publicly.

Q - How can QR code help me?

A - We provide QR code on every output document will make it easy for you to get you documents wherever you are.

Q - How can I access my data safely?

A - You can also access your data at anytime from anywhere, as we maintain your valuable data in our strong UAE-based cloud Etisalat Web Server.