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Medical Translation and
Transcription Services

Regulatory compliance and certification of
translation and transcription accuracy, and
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Medical Transcription Services

Translations in the field of medicine and pharma require a high and special level of specialized knowledge, accuracy, sense of responsibility in addition to quality. Daqeeq is aware of these demanding requirements with respect to translations in the area of the field of medicine. And Thanking our one-stop service -accessible by contacting us at, as well as our qualified specialist translators, we handle your documents responsibly and transfer them all at the highest level into Arabic and English languages. Our medical specialized translations are also applied in the following areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Laboratories and research institutes
  • Biological science
  • Biotechnology

In the field of medicine, it is particularly important that translations are completely flawless and technically correct. Thus, the translation of patient information leaflets, labels or product instructions are a responsible task which most importantly safeguards the patients’ health.

For medical translations you should therefore exclusively turn to qualified experts and be perfectly familiar with processing medical texts. At Daqeeq; as your professional language service provider, we guarantee you translations at the highest linguistic level in addition to absolute subject-specific accuracy.

Whether the detailed anticipated of your texts, the selection of the suitable specialist translator or the handling of your confidential data is concerned; the entire process of our translation services are based on the ISO quality standards. In addition to, all our language experts are regularly tested and evaluated in order to constantly ensure you the highest quality requirements.

About the medical transcription; accurate, Daqeeq compliant medical transcription services for your practices and hospital. You have patients to care for. You can’t be distracted by constantly updating your records. We have the solution!

Our experienced medical transcriptionists will transcribe any audio file into a well-organized, clear and succinct document for your files as we transcribe all of your patient history, exam notes, operative reports, referral letters, discharge summaries and even more!

Other Types of Medical Transcription Servcies

  • Lab Report Transcription
  • Patient Chart Transcription
  • Physical Report Transcription
  • Medical Record Summary Transcription
  • Progress Notes Transcription
  • Pediatric/Geriatric Report Transcription
  • Emergency Room Report Transcription
  • Surgery Notes Transcription
  • Operative Reports Transcription
  • Discharge Summary Transcription
  • Rehabilitation Report Transcription
  • Teleconference Notes Transcription
  • Clinical Summary Transcription
  • SOAP Notes Transcription

 We will pair you with a transcriptionist who specializes in medical transcription services to guarantee you clear use of medical terminology, consistently formatted documents, and secure compliant transcriptions.

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