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Translation services for marketing and advertising

Translation services for marketing and advertising

Multilingual marketing translations can help you expand your business.

Marketing professionals are aware of the significance of consistent communication that addresses potential customers and builds trust with current customers. You put in effort to do market research, create messages, and develop product names, company slogans, visuals, and packaging to be fit for your target customers.

However, when presenting your product to an international audience, you need to spend the same amount of time and effort in branding and messaging, so that the new audience get the same experience and impression of your products and services.

Marketing is among the most creative industries, which makes maintaining the sense of creativity when speaking to new audiences a bit of a challenge. To keep this creative sense and never lose the meaning of your message when translating your marketing content into multiple languages, the language service providers need is to understand and localize the native culture and produce a error-free translation of marketing information.

Translators should also keep in mind the regional differences before engaging with the documents. Our dedicated team of translators can comprehend the client’s vision and manage the market terminologies in the most accordingly. We understand how to target new cultures, localize the content into another language and still maintain the quality and authenticity of the brand.

It’s not only a matter of a translation process, but it is also adapting words and culture in the context of another culture. To localize the marketing content in a manner that fits the mindset of a new audience, our expert linguists follow strict rules and a detailed strategy, so that the content is translated in a manner preserving the information and having an impact on the targeted audience.

Daqeeq expert linguists are not only certified professionals in advertising translations and marketing translation services, but are also native speakers of the target language. Our professional multilingual services combined with the knowledge of our linguists will ensure your advertising and marketing ideas make an impact on the global audience—without getting lost in the translation.

Daqeeq translators understands the complexities and intricacies associated with marketing translation services and the localization of a business message across different cultures and languages, that is why they are keen to accurately and seamlessly translate the advertising message to ensure access to the target audience. 

Our advertising and marketing translation services covers the following materials: brochures, press releases, newsletters, public relations documents, marketing plans, business cards, market researches, sponsorship agreements, websites and advertising software.