Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services equip your translations with a certificate of authenticity and accuracy you are looking for.

Certified Translation Services

Official and legal documents will always require a certified translation if they are officially required in court or for a public authority, and our network of qualified specialist translators consists partly of certified specialist or publicly appointed translators, who will translate your documents in various fields of competencies in English and Arabic languages.

 You are looking to have certified documents and translated from English language into Arabic or vice versa, then you are in the right place. In the case of certified translations, the necessary authenticity must definitely be legally binding. Our authorised and expert translators meet these official and legal requirements and know for sure all the requirements regarding the translation of your documents and official papers. Thus, certification is regarded as the authenticity certificate for your document translations.

In addition to official authorization, the realization of certified translations therefore requires thorough professional expertise, we offer you a QR code to get the chance of scanning this code and have your documents from any place, and as your reliable and professional translation services provider we meet all of these requirements.

Daqeeq will always be your partner for certified translation services, just convince yourself of the highly qualified and legally effective services of our certified expert translators, and contact us and fill our form and share your request with us directly for the most certified and accurate results.

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