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Interpretation Equipment

The best tools and very well-trained technicians to
guarantee smooth on-site interpretations

Interpretation Equipment

We offer top-of-the-line interpretation equipment, including BOSCH digital simultaneous interpretation systems (Netherlands) and Jpemball silent translation booths (France). Our equipment is meticulously maintained and thoughtfully operated by our professional sound engineers. We support some of the largest and technically complicated events in the UAE and beyond.

How our interpretation equipment works

CCU – Central Control Unit

An advanced tool used for conference control and monitoring. In particular, the CCU is used to control delegate microphones, to distribute simultaneous interpretation and to conduct voting sessions, with no need of an operator.

DNC – Transmitter

DNC technology guarantees the highest standard for international conferences. The transmitter is the heart of the interpretation system. It accepts analogue or digital input, modulates these signals onto waves and transmits them to radiators located in the venue.

Interpretation Desk (i-desk)

The interpreter desk comprises seven channels (six language channels plus the channel of the original speech), and it is connected to interpreters’ headphones. Usually there are two interpreter desks in one interpretation booth, one for each interpreter working with a specific language combination.

Infrared Radiator

Infrared radiators distribute signals throughout a conference venue. This way they allow delegates to listen to conference proceedings by means of personal receivers.

IR Receiver and Headphones

These ergonomic pocket receivers incorporate the latest interpretation technologies and ensure outstanding audio quality as well as a long battery lifetime. Headphones are lightweight, guarantee high quality sound reproduction and feature replaceable ear pads.

Interpretation Booths

Interpretation booths are used to provide sound insulation, allowing simultaneous interpreters to efficiently perform their job without interfering noises from the outside. They should be placed in a position that allows simultaneous interpreters to clearly see the speaker and the event scene. Interpretation booths feature a working surface, noiseless ventilation, lighting and electricity.

Portable Equipment

Simultaneous interpretation may also use portable equipment or “bidule”. The only difference with traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment is that in this case there is no booth. This system is very similar to tour guide systems.

At Daqeeq

  • We use cutting edge equipment that (has) proven worthy in many events
  • Our team of interpreters is well trained on this equipment
  • Our support team is always ready to make sure the event goes smoothly

Regardless of the size of the event, Daqeeq provides on-site technicians to monitor the equipment throughout the whole event, guaranteeing that everything goes smoothly as planned.

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