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Interpretation Services

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Interpretation Services

Daqeeq provides expert interpretation services in the longest list of languages offered in the industry for the business, medical, legal, and government sectors. We have reinvented the age-old language interpretation industry by providing on-demand and just-in-time interpreting by mobile phone or on-site, around the clock.

Professional and quality interpretation solutions play an increasingly significant role in an organization's worldwide success in today's fast rising global economy, enabling it to successfully communicate with a global audience, clients, and partners. Daqeeq has created one of the world's most extensive networks of on-demand interpreters to deliver premium interpretation services in all major languages and dialects.

Our experienced interpreters can provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for any setting, including but not limited to, virtual events, webinars & workshops, legal discussions, press conferences, virtual classrooms, corporate meetings, medical consultations, and technical training – and in any language. Our main language combinations are English to Arabic and vice versa. However, we also handle interpretation jobs in many other languages.

Our team of specialists includes interpreters certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice as well as other well recognized translation institutions, accredited professional schools and associations.

The interpreter's sole responsibility is interpreting. During the course of interpreting, they will refrain from giving advice, expressing any personal opinions, or doing anything else that might be considered an activity deviating from interpretation. Every interpreter follows the code of ethics which covers:

o   Confidentiality

o   Accuracy and Completeness

o   Impartiality

o   Conflict of Interest

o   Disqualification and Impediments

o   Accreditation

o   Professional Courtesy

When it comes to interpretation systems, Bosch is no doubt a benchmark. They provide interpretation systems that are highly flexible and offer exceptional audio quality, no matter what the size of the event is.

Our interpreters are very well trained to work with these tools and provide the ultimate interpretation experience to your event attendees. Our technical team is versed in providing support and installation of interpretation equipment:

o   Interpretation Desk (i-desk) with ergonomic design and up to 31 channels.

o   Headphones and wireless receivers for the attendees to listen to the interpretation.

o   Sound-proof interpretation booth that eliminates noise and allows interpreters to better concentrate.

We offer streamlining the whole interpretation process for all events all you need to do is share with us your needs and we'll take care of the rest starting with experienced interpreters that suit your needs and finishing with the equipment, technical support, and transportation.

Our interpretation services cover all settings, including but not limited to:

o   Onsite

§  Conferences

Attend a technical seminar to broaden your knowledge, or participate in a panel discussion to address industry issues. Attending conferences allows you to make new connections and get technical expertise that will keep you unpdated on industry trends.

§  Personal interpreter

Personal Interpreters are the best on-demand interpreting solution for small organizations or individuals that want interpretation services. Our skilled interpreters are conversant in numerous languages. They may be reached at any time of day or night, whether you are in or out of the workplace.

o   Online

§  Over the phone

Daqeeq offers a specialist remote interpreting group that provides over-the-phone interpretation services, allowing you to quickly overcome any language barrier.

§  Video conference

Video interpretation enables our consumers to view the interpreter face to face, resulting in more personalized and intuitive language services than ever before. The ability to undertake video interpreting also enables for live explanation of the topic matter for higher language clarity and a better service experience.

We also offer interpretation services tailored for your industry such as legal, medical, technical, travel, and banking.

Interpreter Services