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Professional Subtitling Services

Regulatory compliance and certification of translation and
transcription accuracy, and with the highest levels of
quality and commitment


Subtitling Services

We know that there is a lot of reasons why you’d need a professional video subtitling services. Whenever you wish to market your promotional videos, and producing a short film for global audience, and if your program airing internationally, we get your back regarding this.

Reach more people around the world by subtitling your English and Arabic videos. Daqeeq’s video subtitling services provide high quality, compliant subtitles that are contextual and localized for your target market.

Our professional subtitling experts and quality analysts are native speakers of your chosen language, whether Arabic or English, and are highly trained and experienced. They put your project through Daqeeq’s quality control process to ensure the timecoded transcription, review, and translation are, at the most accuracy for text and timing. Your subtitles may also undergo an additional review step by a language and subject matter expert when required.

Daqeeq’s dedicated subtitling services team provides subtitle services for a wide array of video content ranging from corporate communications to social media or video marketing.

Our team of technical and creative translators are able to convey your video content or marketing video material with the most accuracy and cultural appropriateness so that it resonates with the target audience.

We also provide subtitling services which include:

  • Video subtitling services
  • Broadcast subtitling services
  • Television and film subtitling services
  • Documentary subtitling services
  • Promotion and advertising subtitles
  • Online training, education and learning subtitles
  • Social media and website subtitles
  • YouTube subtitles

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