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The new trend and an assurance of perfection


The translation is not mere rendering of a text into another language. It is a tool of connecting people and cultural exchange. We help introducing you to new audiences.

Daqeeq's translation services effectively combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human talent.


This hybrid has been the missing element to fill a gap in the market especially when dealing with Arabic one of the most complicated languages out there. Achieved through using cutting-edge technologies,

coupled with distinguished and a strictly-selected pool talented professionals available 24/7, Uber-style, the com- bination guarantees that users will get perfect translation services in the shortest time possible in the industry.

Our translation services are:

Translation services for international trade
Breaking down language barriers and opening doors for global businesses
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, more and more businesses are seeking to expand 

Translation services for global communication
Connecting people around the world through effective language solutions
In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized,                        

Translation services for customer support
Make your internationally diverse clients feel heard by speaking their language fluently. To survive in today’s global economy, businesses must respond in a timely manner to international customer questions in
Translation services for marketing and advertising
Multilingual marketing translations can help you expand your business. Marketing professionals are aware of the significance of consistent communication that addresses potential customers and builds trust 
Translation services for academic papers
If you are writing a research paper for an international conference or a reputable journal and you are not from an English-speaking country or any other foreign language, your research paper is likely to be
Multilingual translation services
Our professionals will assist you in producing a better translation for your company's linguistic requirements. Translation, localization, and web translation services are available in any language you want. We collaborate 
Translation services for legal purposes
Legal papers are formal documents that address significant evidential and financial issues. When these documents are in a language you do not understand, you need a professional legal document 
Multilingual translation presentations
Our professionals will assist you in producing a better translation for your company's linguistic requirements.

Translation services for books and novels
Book translation is an area of expertise that needs to be carried out only by professionals. Daqeeq book translation services are tailored to your specific requirements.

Translation services for certificates and diplomas
The sense of accomplishment and success that comes with getting a degree certificate or diploma is palpable. If you plan on studying or working overseas, it is a good idea to get your degree certificate