Translation Services:
The new trend and an assurance of perfection

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Translation Services: The new trend and an assurance of perfection

Translation is not mere rendering of a text into another language. It is a tool of connecting people and cultural exchange. We, at, are most aware of that and consider ourselves, with the premium online translation services we offer, a major contributor to inter-cultural understanding.

Why Daqeeq

Daqeeq's translation services: English to Arabic and Arabic to English, with a plan to expand in the near future to other vital pairs of languages, effectively combine between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human talent. This hybrid has been the missing element to fill a gap in the market. Achieved through using cutting-edge technologies, coupled with distinguished and a strictly-selected pool talented professionals, the combination guarantees that users will get perfect translation services in the shortest time possible in the industry.

What else makes Daqeeq translation services unique is that these services are available 24/7, Uber-style. On the other end of the line, just a click away, our Professors are ready to receive your order and start working on it instantly. Relatively short texts will need few minutes to be sent back to you. Through Daqeeq website, we provide instant & live translation and attestation services to our individual and corporate customers. You will also receive a QR code of your documents so that you can open them anywhere. You do not have to wait for longer periods that might affect the agility or your business; We know you're working within a deadline; that’s why we provide instant and live translation services. Submit your urgent work and we'll tell you the exact time required to deliver, so you know exactly when your translations will be ready.

Forget about the ridiculous machine translations we face whenever we use online translations, software translations, regardless of how sophisticated they might be, cannot capture the feelings and thoughts of the original writer. That is why Daqeeq's professional translation team is available round the clock. They ensure you two things: harnessing the latest technology to expedite the process of translation for your own benefit and producing a flawless final draft of your translated documents, thanks to expert human intervention. Our Professors grasp the true essence of your original text and translate it with a human voice to connect with your audience on a deeper level and enhance the way you communicate with them.

With Daqeeq's instant translation service, available 24/7, you will rest assured that any text you submit will, in its final shape, look and sound perfect, and will meet the acceptance and admiration of your target audience. When English is the target language, the text will sound English and when Arabic is the target language, it will authentically sound Arabic. Never will you receive a text that feels awkward due to thoughtless word-by-word translation.

We have picked our team in line with strict benchmarks of performance. They can translate any type of text, yielding an outcome only produced by a professional who understands the power of clear and concise language as a key of success in any endeavor.

What we do

We translate emails, correspondence, articles, legal, educational, real estate documents, memorandums, blogs specializing in specific areas, web site content, scientific papers, creative writing pieces, presentations, reports, letters of interest, cover letters for job applications, patent copy writing, commercial promotion texts, media texts, speeches, end-of-year reports for businesses, petitions for authorities, social media posts, you name it. Therefore, users who can benefit from our translation services are countless: corporates, students, teachers, bloggers, businessmen...etc.

We care; We perfect; We deliver

Daqeeq team's obsession with perfection and the quality-assurance mechanism we strictly follow will give you confidence that the produced text will serve its purpose. Try it yourself for free to make sure our team is top-notch.

Each customer of Daqeeq is a member of Daqeeq community, which shares the values of dedication and devotion, perfectionism in the best sense of the word, community service and integrity. We look at our service seekers as our partners. Your success is ours and ours is yours.

You need not worry about the privacy of your data. All data submitted to Daqeeq is protected under the laws and will not be shared publicly under any circumstances. We have walked the extra mile to ensure that we have in place the state-of-the-art IT tools to ensure your data security.

Addressing your concerns

You need not worry about any complications in the process of submission and delivery. Daqeeq platform is user friendly and easy to use. Start with easy steps to open an account with us, and then all you have to do is to pick the service: Arabic to English or English to Arabic; insert the text in the box and submit. In most cases our editors will start working on your text within one minute of submission. Short texts usually take up no more than 5 minutes to be translated and sent back. Besides, you will get 24/7 support from our qualified team. Nothing gives assurance better than good communication and human-to-human interaction. Ask your question and Daqeeq people are more than happy to clarify anything you inquire about and satisfy your desire to know.

And you do not need to worry about the cost. Our services are affordable and our prices are competitive and insanely reasonable. Get the first 250 characters for free, while amazing packages and offers will pop up every now and then for your satisfaction. Keep watching. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, offers and expert insights from our team. Get quick and fast translation on a minimal budget, the most popular and outstanding professional translation services in Dubai and the region, unquestionably the best services money can buy.

So, why Daqeeq translation services:

  • Quick and reliable service
  • Experienced translators available around the clock
  • Premium quality
  • Trustworthy and economical