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Diploma and Degree Certificates

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Translation of Diploma and Degree Certificates

Translation of Diploma and Degree Certificates

The sense of accomplishment and success that comes with getting a degree certificate or diploma is palpable. If you plan on studying or working overseas, it is a good idea to get your degree certificate translated.

Daqeeq delivers qualified translations, such as degree certificates and diplomas. We provide certified degree certificate translations through our simple platform for anyone who needs to demonstrate their qualifications in English or any other languages.

A degree certificate is an academic document that indicates you finished a course of study at a recognized educational institution and are now qualified for work in your profession.

Degree certificates normally include the name of the institution that conferred the degree, your name, the level of qualification conferred, the topic studied, and the year(s) of study.

Your degree certificate or diploma will be created by your university in time for your graduation. You may normally get it at or after your graduation ceremony. If you were unable to attend your graduation ceremony, most universities will securely mail it to you after the graduation date.

A diploma is more than just a piece of paper to place on the wall. It will help you progress in your profession, so keep it handy. The following are the most typical instances in which you will require it:

·       In order to apply for a job in the future

·       To apply to continue your education

·       to advance in one's career

·       To apply for a work visa in another country

·       In certain nations, you can apply for residency or citizenship.

While living or working in a nation other than the one where you earned your degree, institutions or companies may request a certified translation of your degree certificate.

The following are two examples of when you might require a certified translation of a degree certificate or diploma:

When you initially travel overseas to study:

When applying to study at a foreign institution, the level of qualification you already have is normally checked to ensure you will get the most out of the program of study. As a result, a certified translation of your degree certificate is required when studying overseas!

When you have completed your education in another country:

If you have studied abroad and want to ensure that your degree is recognized in your home country, the best advice we can give you is to get it legalized and translated before you leave! These two stages will also be necessary if your future relocation brings you to a nation where the language is different. Remember how difficult and time-consuming it can be to locate accredited translation services in a new country? Better finish it while you're at it!

The degree certificate and academic transcript are the most typical papers you will be asked to translate, which is why Daqeeq created the student-certified translation package.

But, if you simply need your degree certificate translated, we can accomplish it as well. Submit your document to our website and we will provide you with a fast turnaround.