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Multimedia Translation Services

Use Our Translation Services to Convey Ideas in a Powerful Way
to Target Audiences Using Sound, Images, Videos and More


Multimedia Translation Services

Lots of studies prove that audiovisual messages are perceived much more than mere text media. That’s why many companies rely on the use of animations, audio files, infographics and video clips to successfully increase the effect of their content. Thus, as language experts; the subtitling of your multimedia data is very important to us. Our language specialists diligently transfer your audiovisual content and thus ensure that your message can be experienced internationally.

In addition to the professional conception and attractive subtitling, our scope of services includes also all details of the translation process, done by our team of competent language experts. We guarantee you simple comprehensibility, good readability, appropriate paces and good subtitles. Our experts implement this accordingly with a lot of sense of the language and technical Technique. This greatly improves the comprehension of the content. For all Texts, which are difficult to understand, disturbing noises or unfamiliar terminologies, etc. are no longer an impediment.

We offer you all-round professional subtitling in both Arabic and English languages. We guarantee you a native speaker and language expert from our network of translators, who are culturally and socially connected to the target country and thus will apply the necessary feel for linguistic characteristics in the translation.

Would you like to make your polished produced multimedia content also available to international clients? Then, you should first professionally localize your content. In addition to that, we do not only consider language and sentence lengths but also correct orthography, hyphenation and syllable division, formats and the conversion of currency and measuring units. We take in our consideration all of the imageries and local circumstances, as well as provisions, which influence the comprehensibility and success of your multimedia data in the target country. We can support you in translating all your content consistently and in original quality by means of highly efficient localization tools.

If you ever like to address your clients internationally and expand the effect of your multimedia data beyond the language borders? Always let Daqeeq tackle your project together. 

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