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Translation services for customer support

Translation services for customer support

Make your internationally diverse clients feel heard by speaking their language fluently.

To survive in today’s global economy, businesses must respond in a timely manner to international customer questions in the language they speak in order to provide them with the best customer experience.

Communicating in multiple languages is essential to provide premium customer service, if you are a global business with operations or offices in different countries. But how can you achieve this level of communication when you simply can’t hire a native customer support agent for every language out there? The answer is to hire a professional translation company.

Daqeeq makes it easy for you to instantly respond to multilingual support tickets. Daqeeq will help you boost international customer satisfaction and retention rate to new levels with its fast and accurate translation services for enterprise technical support, customer service, and helpdesk operations in Arabic, English, Russian, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Filipino, German, Chinese and Urdu.

Machine translations are fast but they are inaccurate and cannot be relied on for translating mission-critical customer support messages. On the other hand, traditional translation services are accurate and fluent, but are not fast enough to meet nowadays customer expectations in such a rapidly growing digital economy. Therefore, Daqeeq has integrated AI powered machine translation solutions with human expertise in translation to cater to your on-demand customer support language services and get them delivered to you instantly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Daqeeq team is ready to provide you with professional language services to deliver instant and accurate translations for your customer support emails, forum discussions, chat messages, and over-the-phone interpretation in many languages.

Our customer support translation service will help your business provide multilingual customer support, upgrade your service level, and enhance average handling time and customer satisfaction targets. This process will provide you with insights on contact volume per language, thus you will get to know when there is a need to recruit customer service agents for specific languages.

Daqeeq platform combines the best blend of machine and human translation, so it can help you serve your multilingual customers, expand your business to new markets and build trust and connections around the world.

Daqeeq’s team of professionals can provide accurate and quality customer support translation services for all industries. Our team will help you communicate in your customers language using our unique customer support translation services that are fast, reliable and cost effective.